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Related post: Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:44:12 -0500 From: Subject: Reese and Me 27 - The Dark and the LightReese and Me 27 - The Dark and the Light February 11, 2003Written by Jamie McHaleWarning - This story contains sexual content of innocent preteen beauties a homosexual nature.Note - This story is magic preteens gallery the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. The story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.Please EMAIL me with all your comments. ______________________________________________Reese and Me 27 - The Dark and the Light Jake85 says: hey sexybitch! PS2boi says: lol wasup? Jake85 says: u didnt wait after school ... PS2boi says: naw was talkin to a couple ppl Jake85 says: oh yeh ... u stayin over tonight? candid preteens PS2boi says: of course Jake85 says: wicked .... when u comin? PS2boi says: in a bit, i gotta go out for a little first, kay? Jake85 says: yeh preteen nude swimming okay ... PS2boi says: so im headin out Jake85 says: yeh ... k ... love u PS2boi says: love u 2 With that, Reese had signed off. I spent several seconds staring at his 'off-line' screen-name. I sighed, wondering where he was headed. After finally collecting myself, I decided it was probably best that I didn't know. A week had passed since Reese's close encounter with the toilet, and we'd barely spoken of it. preteen raped children I hadn't been surprised when he informed me that he'd 'blacked-out' for most of the party. I still couldn't believe how intoxicated he'd been. I'd had to care for him in that state before, however it had never been so extreme. I would be lying if I said that it didn't bother me to have to see him in such a position, but I could deal with it. Everybody drinks, I told myself. I could easily have been in the exact state as he. I rose from my computer chair, making my way toward the couch. There, I sat, flipping channels. Fifteen minutes passed, and then the phone began to ring. As it was Friday night, and as usual, my parents were not at home, I recognized my responsibility to answer. Groaning, I got up and picked up the preteen underage video cordless which had been sitting on the desk. Situating the phone next to my face, I returned to my seat. "Hello?" "Hey." I didn't recognize the voice. "Yeah? Who is this?" I asked, being rather direct about it. "Jake, it's Cory." I was completely dumbfounded. "Hey, Cory," I began, unsure of what to say, "What's up?" "I thought ... I thought I needed to call you," he stammered, obviously distraught. "What's wrong?" I demanded, immediately concerned. It occurred to me that something could be wrong with Chase. I came forward in my seat, nervously awaiting Cory's response. "Chase is fucked, man," Cory said, "I think he needs to talk to you. Or someone. I can't do it anymore." "What? What do you mean?" "He's talkin crazy shit, Jake." "Fuck," I uttered, "Where are you?" young preteen thumbs incest preteen bbs "I just left his place. I dunno ... I figured I should call you cuz you two preteen pictures nonnude go animated preteen boobs back and stuff." I sighed hard, "Okay, preteen erotic pictures I'll head over." "Thanks man," he said, still quite upset. "I dunno what else to do." "Yeah," I replied, "Okay, I'm gonna go now." "Kay, bye." I hung pic preteen swimsuit up, instantly jumping off the sofa. I'd forgotten about my plans with Reese. I'd real preteens pussy forgotten about everything. What had Cory meant by, 'talkin crazy shit?' Was Chase suicidal?! Oh my god, I thought, rushing up the stairs for the foyer. I threw on some shoes and was out the door. My heart rate increasing by the second, I quickly climbed into the Cherokee and turned my key in the ignition. Burning rubber into the road, I slammed the shifter into 'drive' and sped away. ******** As the Jeep inched slowly into the vacant driveway, a creeping, deathlike calm was sweeping through my otherwise tense body. Chase's large home was dark; there was no sign of inside illumination. As I brought the vehicle to a dead stop, I realized that I wasn't going to like what hott preteen pics I might discover inside. With that thought, a set of nearly overwhelming shivers preteen blowjob went rip-roaring up my spine. My panic had been replaced by fear. I almost didn't want to enter the house, but I was well aware of my innate obligation to do so. I sucked in a deep preteens moddels breath, killing the Jeep's engine. After climbing out into the silent night, I began slowly for the open garage doors. My hands quivering, I realized just how scared I was. I couldn't place the source. What exactly was I afraid that I would find? I shook a mess of twisted and terrifying imagery from my over-engaged mind, continuing into the black and empty atmosphere of the garage. I reached the door. It was half-open, the heavy metalic door swinging ever so slightly in the hard breeze emanating from a large fan sitting on the floor of preteen nude toplist the dark porch. I could barely see it, but the loud blusterings of air could almost be heard from the end of the long driveway. Breathing hard, I pushed open the door, and stepped into the house. Now, there was no going back. Immediately, I had been emersed in the deep blackness of the home. I shuddered, searching for a light switch on the walls around me. Having scanned all over, I could not locate any switches. After a short time, I gave up, turning to enter the kitchen. This room was equally dark, however some light from the street was available through a few mid-size windows above the sink. I did not look for any switches in this room, instead I turned for the entryway to the livingroom. My level of fright was steadily increasing as I stood at the edge of the livingroom, peering in. Matching the rest of the house, the large room was blanketed in darkness. My breathing still heavy, I turned away, heading into the hallway. The entire home seemed to ooze fear. My tension was on the rise, as though the walls generated it as I passed. I could still barely see, and there preteens tgp raped was still no indication as to Chase's location. Just then, I called out, "Chase?" My voice echoed slightly in the tight corridor. I stood, awaiting a response for nearly a minute. It seemed like a lifetime, but I carried on, slowly making my way into Chase's bedroom. It was the final room in the blackened hallway, and I was relieved when I realized that I was aware of the location of his light switch on the wall. Taking in another deep breath, I reached over with my left hand and touched the wall. Blindly, russian preteens boys I scanned the wall for the switch with my hand. Before I could locate it, however, baby preteen fuck I felt two hands clasp around my shoulders from behind. I let out a silent yelp in absolute terror and shock. I froze. My mind, my body, everything. From the shadows behind me, the unseen attacker forced my paralized body forward, tossing me to the hard floor. Panicked, and still in shock, I threw my hands out in front of me as I crashed onto the bedroom floor. I whipped preteenrape pics free around as the preteen illegal modeling lights came on, revealing my attacker as Chase. "Chase!" I uttered, unsure of what I was feeling. I was relieved that it was him, however I was terrified by the blank expression on his face. Absolutely terrified. "What are you doing here?" he said, the lack of emotion in both his face and tone, quite frightening. "I ..." I stammered, obviously revealing to him how scared I was. "I came to check on you. See you. Talk to you." Chase sighed, moving toward me. Still, he was expression-less. He put out his right hand, offering to help me up from the floor. I accepted. "Chase," I began, unsure of just how preteens best pics to place my question. "Why'd you push me just now?" "Thought you were Cory." My mind in a state where information couldn't be processed quickly enough, I was not certain how to take his answer. Was he download porno preteens abusive to Cory? Or vice-versa? "You okay?" He didn't reply. nn preteen tpg After I was able to get past Chase's bleak expression, I took in his appearance. I'd never seen him like that - his longish hair was wet with sweat, and in a tangled mess. He was wearing only a white wife-beater and boxers. Both were obviously damp from a heavy sweat. "Chase," I said, taking a step toward him. To my surprise, he backed away. I sighed under my breath, putting my arms out to give him a hug, however he continued to avoid me. "What the hell's wrong with you?" I demanded, beginning to tense up again. I suppose I may have been a tad harsh, but I didn't understand his defensize reactions to me. toplist naked preteens "Get outta here, Jake," Chase finally said. His face now revealed some emotion. It was sadness. preteen handjob cunny "Why?" I asked, still approaching him. At that point, I had backed him all the way into the hallway. "Just stop for a second, okay? I'm not gonna hurt you." "You've already hurt me enough," he muttered, his head down. Even in the darkness, I could see that his eyes were beginning to tear up. It was as though someone had drove a knife deep into my soul. I came forward again, preteen thong forbidden grabbing him with both hands. With or without his immediate consent, I was going to give him a hug. Pulling him close to me, I wrapped my arms around his tall shoulders and brought his head down into my chest. Poor Chase, I thought. Was this all my fault? "Kay," I began, rubbing the back of his head as he sobbed into my shirt. "Let's go back to my place, we'll hang out for a bit." I was well aware of the fact that Reese would more than likely be showing up at my place at some point, however I feared leaving Chase alone. I couldn't begin to imagine the extent of his hurt, and I needed for preteen boys toplist someone to be with him constantly. If Cory wasn't going to do it, then preteen nude belly I was. I received no argument from Chase, and after a few more preteens model hard moments of holding him against me, female models preteens we proceeded toward the front door. archive rape preteen Chase still seemed apprehensive as we slowly made our way down the dark driveway for the Cherokee. He continued to eager singles preteen follow, however. Once we were well on our way down the street, I turned to my passenger. "What happened tonight, Chase?" He paused for a few moments, staring blankly out the passenger-side window. "I dunno, a fight." "Must have been preteen pthc bad," I remarked, cute preteens continually turning back to him. I was attempting to gauge his reactions as I probed the events of his evening. The preteen sexy toplist last thing I needed was for uk preteen boys him to get upset. "You wanna talk about it? Usually helps." "No," was his plain response. I wasn't altogether satisfied with maxwell models preteens that. There were still too many unanswered questions. Why had he pushed me? What had caused him to become so agitated? I had never seen Chase that way, and it bothered me. "Come on," I began, "I've called on you a lot to talk out my shit." "I'm fine," Chase said, finally turning his eyes on me. "And I don't wanna talk about it." My innocent preteen pics emotions were finally settling, and I began to ponder Reese's location. After preteens girls galleries my ordeal with Chase, I was surprised that I was still able to worry about anything else. Tyring to shake my desire to drive by Brian's house, I approached preteen naturalist fkk an intersection. I knew if I turned left, it would take a few extra minutes to get back to my place. However, the longer route provided preteen nudests a glimpse of Brian's home. I wasn't so interested in the house itself, but the driveway. I didn't know nude preteens video how I would react to preteen models banner naughty preteen sites discovering Reese's car there. But, I knew that my need to know would itch and itch at me if I turned right instead of left. preteen sites phedophilia Sighing, I hit the left signal lights, pulling into the turning lane. It was green, so I proceeded through the turn. Chase was still silent, however I could sense that he was well aware of my intentions. It didn't seem to bother him, though. He kept list preteen models his mouth shut as I reduced my speed to nearly 10 miles per hour, leaning across my seat to scan Brian's driveway. To my relief, there was no xxx underage preteen sign of Reese's vehicle. However, as we pulled away, Chase reacted to something he saw. "What the fuck?!" he cried, sitting on the edge of his seat. He was still staring back at Brian's. "What?" I demanded, turning to him, "What is it?" "That's Cory's car!" he screamed, completely enraged. My heart jumped into my throat. I knew what would happen next. "Stop the car! Go back!" Chase ordered, hair-splitting rage written all over his face. "Chase," I began, attempting to reason with him. "I don't wanna ..." nnude preteen free "I preteen boy sites don't give a fuck!" he hollered, cutting me off. Then, he opened the passenger-side door. The vehicle was still in motion, and at a regular speed. "Close the fucking door!" I cried, my hands digging into the steering wheel. "Fuck you! Stop the fuckin girl nasty preteen car, or I'll jump right out!" "Chase!" I screamed, panicking. To my horror, his body was already half-way out of the Jeep. Instinctively, I brought the vehicle preteen love wmv to a complete, while abrupt, stop on the side of the road. Before I could even switch into 'park,' Chase was running preteen cute blog at full speed back nonnude porn preteen down the street toward Brian's. "Shit!" I muttered, realizing my obligation to pursue. I was pretty certain as to the reason Cory was present at Brian's. They were likely getting high together. Chase had been quite aware of Cory's drug use, but I preteen girl wet was unsure as to what his reaction would be upon actually discovering his boyfriend in the act. Judging by Chase's extreme overeaction however, I wondered if something else could be going on. Was Cory cheating? It was a frightening thought, and I knew Chase was likely to go insane if that was the case. After exiting the Jeep, I began my pursuit of Chase. This was a difficult task, as he'd been a champion of track and field. I kept up as well as possible, however Chase had reached Brian's front door long before I could. He'd rung the doorbell, but there was still no answer by the time I was at his side. "Chase," I shouted, taking a final step toward him. He was livid, and I didn't know if I teeny list preteen could talk him down. "What is it you think you're gonna accomplish here?" He gave no reply. Ignoring my asia preteenz presence, he stood, awaiting the enivitable. Just then, the door swung open. And there stood, the infamous, Brian Hendrick. As always, even though it was the furthest thing from my mind, he looked adorable. He'd altered his appearance substantially since the previous summer, when we had dated. His hair was now dyed something of a tpg images preteen dark purple. "Woah," uttered Brian, leaning against the door-frame. "Jake." I couldn't decide whether it was nostalgia on his face, or a kind of disturbed pleasure. It still bothered me that he was hanging around with Reese, and I wondered if he considered it some type of game. Then again, it could have just been that they enjoyed a pleasant, mutual friendship, and I had absolutely nothing to do with it. "Where's Cory?!" cried a desperate Chase, taking an offensive step in Brian's direction. Brian made no attempt to protect himself. It was then when I noticed how relaxed he appeared. I quickly beautiful preteens art scanned his eyes. Their movement was slowed, and were obviously glossy and redenned. He was high. "Shhhhhhh," picspreteens Brian replied, sticking his index in front of his tight lips. Mischieviously, he preteen pool pics grinned, turning his eyes back on me. Still, I couldn't place what he was tyring to communicate. "My parents are home." Chase let out what can only be labelled as a 'grunt.' "Where the fuck is he?!" "Kay," Brian sighed, "He's downstairs." With that, Chase began to move past Brian in the doorway. Immediately, Brian side-stepped to underage preteen kissing stop him. "I told you," he said, still smiling. dutch preteen pics "My parents are home." "Bri," I interjected, "He's really gotta talk to Cory." I couldn't believe what had just come out of my mouth. preteen boylove paysites I called him, 'Bri.' "Alright," Brian said, staring at me once again. "I'll go get him. Stay here." Then, he disappeared into the house. I was still kicking myself for calling him Bri. "I can't fuckin believe this!" Chase cried, driving his fist into the brick wall beside the door. He'd hit it preteens modeling underage hard, and as I suspected, he was bleeding. That's helpful, I thought, wondering if I should even be present there. For one thing, I wasn't nn preteen 16 in the habit of becomming involved in other people's relationships. Reason number two for not being there, though, had to do with Brian. I had made it a point to avoid contact with him. It was almost the same situation jessi preteen model with Chase. Whenever I came into contact with these two individuals, old feelings and emotions began to brew inside of me. And I didn't like it. I was SO in love with Reese, and these distractions were not welcomed. pearl preteen After we'd waited nearly five minutes, Brian re-emerged from his home. Following close behind, was Cory. Immediately, Chase came forward. "Cory," he said, desperation in his cracking voice. "Can we talk?" It was striking how quickly his utter rage had been diluted by hurt. "What about?" sites preteen was Cory's reply. He appeared unscathed by their earlier session of fighting. However, I guessed that he was likely already under the influence of drugs. "I need ta talk to you," whimpered Chase, gesturing for his boyfriend to follow him down the driveway. Cory seemed hesitant. Not scared, but hesitant. After a slight pause, Cory began down the driveway. Chase preteen kds pedo was not far behind, and nude preteen artwork almost instantly, they were arguing. I found myself standing there on the stoop, alone with Brian. "What's up with you, Jake?" Brian asked, staring me down from the open doorway. I didn't want to answer him, but I did. "Not much," I bbs forum preteen sighed. Suddenly, Brian approached me, coming within what could only be called intimate distance. He shut the door behind him, smiling. What was behind that grin? "You wanna come in?" he giggled, "I got some solid weed." darkcollection russian preteens I decided there was nothing more than stupidity behind his smile. He was quite impaired. "Naw, I'm good." Detecting the scent of marijuana on his clothes, blonde preteen tits I took a step back. Gently, he touched my arm. "Brian," I groaned, making eye contact with him again. His gaze was almost paralyzing. I wondered if he had tried this on Reese. The thought made me sick preteen dasha anya to my stomach. "Missing ya!" he cried, preteen girls pussy apparently ignoring my apprehensions. He laughed again, brushing back his purple hair. I sighed aloud, the sudden urge to confront him on the topic of Reese overwhelming me. I could still hear Chase masturbation preteens gallery and Cory fighting, and I was reminded of my purpose. I wasn't there to start my own confrontation. I was there to stop one from going too far. Still though, I couldn't just let this go. "Brian," I began, my upper body stiffening. "Why the hell do you gotta pull this routine with me everytime we see each other?" "I dunno," was his simple answer. To my discomfort, he was still clinging to my arm. "I'm not gettin it anywhere else." I was relieved to hear that. At least I knew he wasn't messing around with Reese. I hadn't ever believed that was pre teen bs a possibility anyway, but this was my solemn confirmation. We stood there in that unpleasant and awkward situation for several minutes until he spoke once again. What he said, I couldn't believe. "You still love me?" I felt my face twist little preteens pornsites up, "What the fuck?!" Not surprisingly, Brian meerely laughed again, releasing my arm and turning away. I was still stunned as he returned to the doorway, re-entering his house. Shaking my head, I continued to watch the growing battle before me. Chase was now screaming, and young preteen latina Cory appeared to be crying. I was reminded of past fights with Reese. preteen gay pics It seemed that Chase and Cory were headed for a record-breaker, however. It pained me intensely to witness Chase in that state. "Fuck!" emerged from Chase's shaking lips at a pitch and tone that seemed to shake my eardrums. Afterwhich, he abandoned Cory in the driveway to turn and stalk away. I swore under my breath, beginning down the lawn. "Chase!" I shouted, "Where you goin?" He did not respond. Concerned, I stopped preteen 10yo forum to check on Cory. Still crying, his head was hanging preteen underware pic low. "You gonna be okay, Cor?" He lifted his face, "I dunno." I realized that Chase was getting away, so I decided to hurry up and pursue. "It'll be cool tomorrow or something, man. He just really needs to cool down." I knew nothing I websites young preteen said would make any difference, but I was sexy preteen downloads worried for him as well. "I gotta go catch him, so I'll talk to you later." Cory nodded in accordance - my signal to jet. I ran through the night, shouting over and over for Chase to stop, but it was no use. He'd gotten a massive head-start, and there was no chance that I would catch-up on foot. Then, it occured to me that I should run and grab the Jeep. Having sprinted to reach the side of my vehicle, I breathlessly climbed in and pulled a U-turn in order to 'chase' Chase. ******** It was nearly midnight by the time I pulled russian preteen rate into my driveway. I hadn't been able to locate Chase, even having gone back to check his place. His parents, who had arrived home an hour earlier, had not seen him. I was now becomming increasingly fatigued, and my urgent concern for Chase was fading. I bbs preteen pthc needed sleep. Slipping out of the vehicle, I quickly turned to check for Reese's car. There it was, sitting peacefully in his driveway. I decided that my first priority was to give him a call. preteen beauties nude Growing anxious to see my man, I hurried up the long driveway for my house. I entered the foyer, quietly making my way downstairs, so as not to wake my sleeping parents. Stepping into the dark rec room, I instinctively hit the wall switch, activating a set of dim lamps across the room. It was enough light however, to see that a figure was seated quite comfortably on preteen girls wild the far sofa. I smiled as elweb preteen ls I realized that it was Reese. "Baby," escaped my mouth. I was so glad to finally see him. "You wouldn't believe the night I've had." "Oh yeah," he replied, rising from the couch to approach me. "I've been waiting here for a while." Arriving in front of me, he pulled me into a long kiss. I melted. "Where'd you go?" he asked. I opened my eyes, japan cute preteen gazing at him. "I'll tell you all about it in the morning, kay?" "Sure," he agreed, smiling slightly. magazine model preteen "Well, I think you probly figured I was gonna be out all night drinkin or something." There was something drastically different about him. He seemed to be completely in line with preteen girl fingering me. Not that Reese and I didn't get along most of the russian preteen board time, but it was different that night. I couldn't explain it, yet. "Yeah," I said, "I didn't know, and there was some shit going down and I had to help someone out. But, preteens japanes like I said, I'll tell you all about it preteen celebrity models in the morning. I don't even wanna think about it anymore tonight." "That's cool," he whispered, leaning in for another kiss. I held him tight against my body. This felt so great after the night I'd had. "Jake," Reese began, pulling away from me momentarily. "After we talked, I went out and got something I've been wanting to get for a preteen ls magazin long time." My heart skipped a beat. I knew ls preteen princess he was having a difficult time with whatever he wanted to say. I looked down at his hands, they were trembling. Without thinking, I gently touched the side of his face. "What's going on, baby?" I asked, already in suspense. "I wanna give you something," he said, producing a small metallic box from his pants pocket. Just then, I felt as preteen cheerleader pics though time had stopped. This was my one absolutely perfect moment. Slowly, Reese opened the box, revealing a gold ring. "I wanna ..." he choked. "I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, Jake." _______________________________ PLEASE EMAIL me with all your comments. I appreciate every bit of feed-back I can get.
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